Mobile Stroke Treatment Units
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The Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit is progressive, it permits on-board immediate diagnosis and severe blood clot-busting measures and prescriptions to be directed to stroke patients in transit to the emergency clinic. The significant time spared can avoid the loss of a large number of neurons, decreasing the chances of any major harm to a patient's brain.  With the collaborations of local EMS and advanced healthcare, mobile stroke treatment unit can save several lives and change the story for some people and their families. Mobile stroke treatment unit carries along the medications and devices on board that are critical to stroke treatment.

The unit is also equipped with a two-way audio visual communication system that allows a neurologist at the hospital to diagnose, examine, and recommend the right treatment for the patient within the mobile stroke treatment unit. The technology important to prepare a MSU incorporates a CT scanner, a point-of-care research center framework, and telemedicine capacities for contact with clinic staff. The purpose of-care research center system used in the Mercy Health MSU highlights the iStat machine. The board incorporates serum sodium, chloride, potassium, ionized calcium, glucose, complete CO2, blood urea nitrogen, hematocrit, creatinine, hemoglobin, as well as the anion hole. The increasing precision and reliability of the telemedicine has made it an essential piece of MSUs. For MSUs that don't have a VN or other specific work force ready, telemedicine can offer a path for constant patient assessment.