Not Consuming Enough Gluten Can Cause Cardiovascular Disorders
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Why are people trying to avoid gluten?

Gluten is a kind of protein that is majorly found in barley, wheat, and rye. Gluten free diet is prescribed by the doctors only to the patients suffering from celiac disease as even a small amount of gluten can have adverse effects on these patients like respiratory problems, infertility and also nerve damage. Delhi population is trying to avoid gluten as it was addressed as unhealthy and fattening, one can easily find gluten free products and restaurant in any part of Delhi. People are trying to avoid traditional food options and are opting for gluten free products which are also being promoted by the hotels and various company because the fuss about gluten is only increasing their business. Many market researches prove that gluten free market is rising on a rapid scale.

Gluten free diet is a major hype in the western world also, various research show that the gluten free food industry earned almost 15.5 billion dollars in 2016. There are also major industries coming up of the same sector and are trying to stock up in departmental and shopping stores. Researchers said that these companies are taking the advantage of the fact that people are becoming more health conscious and looking forward to consume healthy food products and lack of information is letting the companies do that.  Doctors often come across people who state that staying away from gluten has helped them a lot but they do not realize how adversely it can affect them. Researchers all across the globe has claimed that whole grains have a major role in promoting a healthy cardiovascular organs and gluten free diets should not be promoted in people who are just trying to lose weight and are not diagnosed with any kind of celiac disease.