Robot Dexterity, Extremely Necessary For Robot Development
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Robot dexterity is alluded by robot manufacturers to describe their robots. Various robot researchers also describe their dexterity as their development modes for robots. Robot dexterity is related to different factors which influence its proper functioning, such as; object size, object shape, reachability, gripping strategy and speed. All the factors are interlinked to each other and are useful in managing all the mechanical and technical aspects of robots. Gripping strategy for robot is very crucial to maintain its flexibility and durability.

Due to lack of robotic dexterity, development of general robots are also hampered which were used in various industrial purposes, warehouse, residential use. But now a days due to indulgence of high profile companies and big organizations who are working toward the new approaches and techniques to involve dexterous robots in the era of general robotics. Various organizations working currently for robot dexterity are; Google, Amazon, OpenAI, Covariant, University of Berkly, Kindred.

Now a days in the era of automation and technicality nothing is possible without the robots in industries as well as high profile research industries , where  robots  do 80% of the work from simple calculation to deep core research work . Robots handle the work smoothly and effectively without hindering time through its precision controlling programmes. New modernization in technical aspects brings the advancement in robotic programming, enabling them to perform the high complex task that require dexterity.

Many robotics companies (On Robot, Soft Robotics, and RightHand Robotics) are trying to design systems and tools with human like appendages to implement that into different industries, like food industry, warehouse, logistics and packaging industry. So eventually it increases the productivity and profitability in aspects of improving quality of human work.