Australia Working Towards The Vaccine For Deadly Covid-19

China's lab is accused of creating a deadly virus, while some labs are also doing research to give life to people. At present, almost every country is facing the havoc of Coronavirus. In such a situation, it is expected that scientists and researchers from all over the world should prepare the corona virus vaccine as soon as possible. So that people can be saved from the risk of this deadly disease. Meanwhile, an update has come from Australia regarding the corona vaccine.

The whole world, struggling with the threat of Corona virus, is eagerly waiting for that vaccine, which can save people from Corona virus. After which people can leave their homes fearlessly. Scientists in Australia have come very close to developing the corona virus vaccine.

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has started testing the vaccine in two different ways. This test is still being done on animals. A vaccine is being tested by injection. While a nasal spray has been prepared for the second vaccine.