Backlashes For Amazon From Indian Ruling Party Over 'Tandav' Web Series

Indian ruling Hindu nationalist party’s local official on Sunday filed a police complaint against a web serious streaming on Amazon Prime alleging that it insults Hindu goddesses and gods, and put out a warning to launch a protest at the company’s office in Mumbai. Complaints and protests against can been held on Monday to warn it not to show scenes insulting Hindu gods and goddesses, Ram Kadam, a BJP member of the Maharashtra legislative assembly, stated in a tweet after filing a complaint with police in Mumbai on Sunday.

The political drama “Tandav” also drew the ire of other lawmakers from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), causing fresh controversy for the e-commerce giant which last year had to withdraw dozens of rugs and doormats depicting Hindu gods from its international platform after a backlash in India. BJP Member of Parliament Manoj Kotak, in a letter to India’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar dated Saturday, said that the makers of Tandav “have deliberately mocked Hindu gods and disrespected Hindu religious emotions”.

He called on the ministry to immediately form an authority to regulate streaming platforms, and in the meantime called for a ban on the series. India late last year brought streaming platforms under the oversight of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry and said it plans to regulate their content. Streaming services have gained traction in India because of the availability of affordable smartphones and cheap mobile data, making the South Asian nation a battleground for Amazon, Netflix and Disney as they seek to expand outside their home markets.