Privacy Policy

  • ASA Market Research is completely determined and committed to keeping personal data and customer information secure. We regard our client’s privacy right and shield their personal information at all times. We thwart the use and revelation of personal data by our employees or any third parties and need them to abide by security measures identical ours pertaining to such information.
  • Our employees, service providers and vendors are rigorously follow our privacy policy, and they are constantly reminded of our privacy policy and compliances.
  • We administrate control over the use and collection of our customers’ personal information for informing them about our products and services which might be of significance to them.
  • Only on our customers’ request, we update their personal information.
  • Unless we have our customers; explicit permission, we do not share their personal information.
  • Under specific circumstances applicable by law, we might need to disclose customer data or personal information without any prior notice.
  • ASA Market Research abides by the laws and regulations of the land where we carry out our business.

Changes In Policy Statement
ASA Market Research might update this Policy Statement from time to time by stationing a revised version of the statement on our website. Kindly refer to this page on regular basis to view policy changes, if any.